2. Fan Token Burns Occurred

The number of burned tokens depending on the number of goals scored is explained as follows:
40,000 DEMIR Tokens belonging to Adana Demirspor were burned.
1,554 AKREP Tokens belonging to Antalyaspor were burned.
2,120 RIZE Tokens belonging to Çaykur Rizespor were burned.
6,363 DIYAR Tokens belonging to Diyarbekirspor were burned.
7,500 ERZ Tokens belonging to Erzurumspor were burned.
840 GRS Tokens belonging to Giresunspor were burned.
1,550 HATAY Tokens belonging to Hatayspor were burned.
15.200 KYSR Tokens belonging to Kayserispor were burned.
8,262 SKRY Tokens belonging to Sakaryaspor were burned.
2,320 SIV Tokens belonging to Sivasspor were burned.
1,890 URFA Tokens belonging to Şanlıurfaspor were burned.
210 TUZLA Tokens belonging to Tuzlaspor were burned.
2,600 VAN Tokens belonging to Vanspor were burned.
880 YMS Tokens belonging to Yeni Malatyaspor were burned.

What is burning?
Cryptocurrency burning is a common process in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is done to permanently remove a certain amount of cryptocurrencies from circulation and reduce the overall supply in circulation. This process takes a deflationary approach by reducing the number of tokens in circulation. As the number of tokens in circulation decreases, the current value of tokens is theoretically expected to increase in the long run.

How do fan token burnings take place?
Fan token burnings occur depending on the number of goals scored by the clubs in the respective league. The per-goal token amount specified in the prospectus is purchased in Turkish Lira on the market and burned.