Bitexen Distributed 3.8 Million TL Btxn in the "Great Summer Campaign"

Bitexen, the digital asset trading platform that aims to contribute to the FinTech ecosystem with the innovative technologies it develops, has completed the "Great Summer Campaign" from May 23 to Jul. 23, 2022. During the campaign period, when users showed great interest, BTXN worth a total of TL 3.8 million was distributed, while the top 10 users with the most members were rewarded with BTXN from 40,000 TL to 750,000 TL.

In addition, 90 Bitexen users who were determined in order of luck during the campaign became owners of BTXN up to 20,000 TL each. As part of the Great Summer Campaign, the first ten people who invited most of their friends to Bitexen with their invitation code won prizes. The prizes were BTXN for 750 thousand TL for the winner, BTXN for 500 thousand TL for the second place, BTXN for 250 thousand TL for the third, BTXN for 100 thousand TL for the fourth, BTXN for 90 thousand TL for the fifth, BTXN for 80 thousand TL for the sixth, BTXN for 70 thousand TL for the seventh, BTXN for 60 thousand TL the eighth place, BTXN for 50 thousand TL for the ninth, and BTXN for 40 thousand TL for the tenth, respectively.

The prizes were presented to their owners at a ceremony organized by Bitexen CEO Yahya Tuğyan Erdem, Bitexen Deputy General Manager for Operations Sarper Bayman, and Bitexen Deputy General Manager for Sports Content Ozan Erdoğ.


In a statement after the award ceremony, Bitexen CEO Yahya Tuğyan Erdem said, "As Bitexen, we are very happy to provide our users with the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of the cryptocurrency industry. I congratulate our valuable users who won their prizes and wish them continued success. Bitexen will continue to create new opportunities for its users in the coming period with more than 200 crypto assets and offer significant benefits with winning campaigns. "