Bitexen Has Successfully Passed the Security Tests of the World-Famous Kaspersky

Bitexen Teknoloji A.Ş., one of Turkey's leading companies in the FinTech industry, has successfully passed the audit of the world-famous security company Kaspersky with its innovative technologies developed at ITU ARI Teknokent. Yahya Tuğyan Erdem, CEO of Bitexen Teknoloji A.Ş., underlined that they take all measures to ensure the security of their users, "We are conducting important studies with global institutions to test the resilience of our digital asset trading platform, Bitexen, against cyber threats and attacks. Finally, we passed the Application Security Assessment by the world-renowned security firm Kaspersky. Kaspersky's comprehensive assessment included testing the web app, iOS, and Android apps, and external network infrastructure. To simulate real-world scenarios, we went through the options where the vulnerabilities were attacked by both an unprivileged external attacker and an authenticated user. In both cases, our platform proved its reliability."

Maxim Denizhenko, the Security Specialist at Kaspersky said, "Paying due attention to security and working professionally with a third eye, outside of internal teams, is an essential process for any cryptocurrency service provider. Bitexen has proven to be a very strong and secure platform, considering its software. "We have encountered and reported some minor issues."