Sponsored by Bitexen, Drone Racers Sports Club Cup in the Top Three

Bitexen Teknoloji became the main sponsor of the Drone Racers Sports Club Association, which achieved great success in the Turkish Drone Championship, the first stage of which was held in Elazığ and the second stage in İzmir-Bergama. In the championship, where Turkey's youngest pilot Doruk Cengiz (11 years old), lifted a trophy in third place, Atakan Lentil (15 years old) took first place, and Hüseyin Ablak (25), who won five trophies for our country last year in England, took second place. Drone Racers Sports Club pilots Atakan Lentil (15 years old) took first place with 56 points, Doruk Cengiz (11 years old) took second place with 44 points, and Hüseyin Ablak took third place with 48 points. The participants who earn enough points in the third Teknofest stage of the championship, which will be held at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, will be included in the national team and will represent our country at the World Drone Cup.