Support From Bitexen to Cryptocurrency Rights Summit!

Bitexen Teknoloji supported Turkey's most comprehensive cryptocurrency legal summit. The summit will discuss the cryptocurrency industry's domestic and international legal landscape and will be held online in Turkish and English between July 9 and 10.

The summit, which will discuss the cryptocurrency laws of countries such as America, Malta, Switzerland, and Estonia, will also cover legal regulations in our country, the use of cryptocurrencies in payment systems, central bank regulation assessments, MASAK obligations, legal assessments of smart contracts, cryptocurrency execution, taxation, and mining. In addition, a "Certificate of Attendance" will be awarded to those who attend all sessions.

Bitexen Technology Inc. Chairman of the Board Kemal Cenk Erdem commented on the organization, "As Bitexen, we have supported Turkey's most comprehensive cryptocurrency legal summit by fulfilling our responsibility to grow our industry with concrete steps and develop cryptocurrency expertise. We are pleased to support this summit, where national and international developments in our legal field industry will be discussed with our industry representatives. Bitexen Teknoloji, a FinTech company with a technological and financial vision infrastructure that can adapt to any regulatory work in the field of cryptocurrency, will continue to add value with various organizations, collaborations, and sponsorships that will contribute to the development of our industry in the coming period."

To promote the event, a live broadcast will take place on Bitexen's Instagram account on Wednesday, Jul. 7 at 8:00 p.m., featuring Bitexen Senior Research Specialist Agah Sesli, CryptoWomen Turkey Founding Member Lawyer Aybike Özer, and CryptoWomen Turkey Communications Manager Aysun Ekşioğlu. You can follow this broadcast on Bitexen's Instagram account.