What Is the Terra Classic (LUNC) v1.0.5 Upgrade?-thumbnail-imageResearch
What Is the Terra Classic (LUNC) v1.0.5 Upgrade?

Terra Classic (LUNC) has announced the v1.0.5 upgrade that will restart token burning processes. The proposal for the upgrade to v1.0.5 from v1.0.4 was accepted on January 25, 2023. The Terra Classic v1.0.5 upgrade is estimated to take place on February 14 at block height of 11.541.520.

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What Is the Theta Network Mainnet 4.0 Launch?-thumbnail-imageResearch
What Is the Theta Network Mainnet 4.0 Launch?

The Theta Mainnet 4.0 update was released on November 2. And the Theta Mainchain launch will take place on December 1. You can keep track of other events using our event calendar. Let us explain what the Theta Network is and what the Mainnet 4.0 update includes.

What Happened in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem? -thumbnail-imageResearch
What Happened in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem?

According to CoinDesk, Alameda Research was unable to repay its debt and a report was shared on this subject. CZ, who was one of the seed investors during its establishment, announced that he sold his shares in the FTX exchange last year. He stated that they will also sell the assets (FTT) acquired after this sale.

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Current GameFi Projects

The gaming ecosystem, which has become one of the most valued categories in the entertainment industry, keeps on growing each day. A report called “Gaming Spotlight” on the gaming trends in 2022 has been published by data.ai and IDC. More than $22b were spent on mobile games, as stated in the report, and in the first quarter of 2022, the game industry grew by 42% compared to the first quarter of 2020.

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