Cryptocurrencies at the Center of the Election: Critical Letter to Biden

In the presidential race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, cryptocurrencies have become an important issue again. Technology trade group Chamber of Progress noted that US President Joe Biden still has a significant opportunity to change his position on cryptocurrency. The group called on Biden to support comprehensive cryptocurrency regulations, noting that Trump has been able to capitalize on the uncertainty in this area. Chamber of Progress emphasized that Biden can win if he gives importance to cryptocurrencies.

In a letter published on July 9, the Chamber of Progress stated that Biden can still win against Donald Trump on cryptocurrency. The letter stated that former President Trump used Biden's ambiguity on cryptocurrency to portray himself as an opponent of American technological leadership and economic progress. It also emphasized that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could be an important factor between Biden and Trump in the 2024 elections. The Republican National Committee has also passed a draft policy platform that includes support for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining. A recent poll showed that Trump gained votes from his rivals by supporting cryptocurrencies.