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Economic Outlook Ahead of June 2023 FOMC Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the most recent FOMC meeting will be released on July 5, 2023. The conclusions that can be drawn from the minutes will have a direct impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Whether the Fed will continue to raise interest rates, as well as the Fed’s view on inflation and the course of the economy will become much more evident after the minutes are released. Let’s take a closer look at the documents and outcome of the FOMC meeting.

Key takeaways from the most recent FOMC meeting:

  • The FOMC decided not to change the federal funds rate target, which is currently 5.00% to 5.25%.
  • The FOMC intends to continue raising interest rates in 2023 but will consider the risks to the economy and act cautiously.
  • The FOMC believes the economy is strong enough to withstand further rate hikes.
  • The FOMC is closely monitoring inflation data and will adjust its policy stance as needed.

The FOMC meeting documents also include a discussion of the economic outlook. The FOMC expects economic growth to slow in 2023 but still continue at a healthy pace. The FOMC also expects inflation to recover this year. However, there is also concern that inflation could remain high for longer than estimated.


Overall, the FOMC meeting documents show the Fed’s commitment to raising interest rates to fight against inflation. However, the Fed is taking into account the risks to the economy and will adjust its stance as conditions require.

Here are more takeaways from the FOMC meeting:

  • The FOMC believes that the labor market is “very tight”, and wage increases are above historical averages.
  • The FOMC is concerned that inflation “remains well above” the Fed’s long-term goal.
  • The FOMC is “absolutely committed” to returning inflation to their 2% target.

These documents, which reflect the Fed’s view of the economy and monetary policy, are followed closely by investors and economists. They are also an important source for assessing risks to the economy and expectations for interest rates.