Türkiye Ranks First in Cryptocurrency Ownership

According to a survey conducted by We Are Social and Hotsuite, 25.8% of individuals aged 16 to 64 in Turkey own cryptocurrencies, placing the country first in the global rankings.

Türkiye is followed by Argentina with 25.2%, followed by Philippines in third place, South Africa in 4th place and Thailand in 5th place. The data used in the survey is based on the results of October 2022.

Michael Saylor, executive chairman and co-founder of the US-based software company MicroStrategy, shared the data on Twitter with the words, “No force on earth can stop #Bitcoin when the time has come.”

In September, MicroStrategy announced that it had purchased 301 Bitcoins for $6m. With that, the total number of Bitcoins owned by the company is 130.000.