Ethereum developers set target date for Shapella Upgrade

Ethereum developers have set April 12 as the target date for the much-anticipated Shapella Upgrade. With the Shanghai Upgrade, dubbed “Shapella”, Ethereum's transition to Proof of Stake (PoS) will be completed. After the developers vote and confirm via GitHub, the Shanghai Upgrade will be scheduled to go live on April 12 at 620,9536 epoch.

With this update, staked ETH withdrawals will be enabled and gas fees will be optimized.

Since last month, Ethereum developers have conducted trials on testnets, including Sepolia, Zhejiang, and Goerli. Finally, Ethereum’s Shapella Upgrade was enabled on the Goerli Testnet, but Tim Beiko said that while withdrawals were being made, the process did not go as smoothly as expected, because some testnet validators had not upgraded their client software.