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Featured Projects in the Tap to Earn Ecosystem

It is not possible to predict the point at which interest in the cryptocurrency ecosystem will shift, and the permanence of this interest also remains uncertain. This can be considered as one of the strongest aspects of the character of the ecosystem.

In cryptocurrency markets, users are not only involved in this ecosystem by investing. Especially during the periods when cryptocurrencies are most popular, which we call the bull season, we usually witness an increase in the percentage of people with low crypto literacy. This effect allows us to learn about new trends.

Especially since 2017, many different trends have influenced the markets and shaped the direction in which liquidity will flow. Trends can have a reason behind them, or they can simply be the result of trends and behaviors. The recent trend and craze in the ecosystem is arguably tap-to-earn games.

Tap-to-earn games are heavily centered around the TON ecosystem. The fact that Telegram quickly integrated crypto assets into its existing user network after the wallet integration and included them with a very easy interface and fast accessibility has been effective in shaping and accelerating this whole process. Telegram has managed to reach its millions of users by including crypto assets among its core features.

With the TON ecosystem, which stands out at this point, users can perform all the actions they will perform on Telegram within the scope of the TON network. For this reason, many projects and games have been established on TON and have become part of this process.

The process evolved so much after the game called notcoin that the process itself led to the creation of games with hundreds of millions of users. Subsequent games that reached millions of people in a short period of time and influenced people around the world, have also been recognized in the mainstream.

These games, which encourage users with simple tasks within the framework of the promise of airdrops and the possibility of airdrops that do not yet exist but do not yet exist, enable them to reach hundreds of millions of users, followers and views both through these tasks and due to users' desire to collect more points/tokens.

Among the prominent projects at this point are several different games.

Hamster Kombat:

As you start the game as a CEO, you increase your return by improving existing features and try to become a better CEO in this adventure. As you complete missions, your score increases and you move forward to improve yourself.

All this has helped Hamster Kombat's social media accounts reach millions and the number of users reach hundreds of millions. It has even become a topic of discussion that it could be a threat to the political structures of countries by influencing almost a large segment of the crypto-asset ecosystem, both inside and outside of it.


Blum, which simply consists of performing tasks at certain time intervals, is also among the games with serious users. Just like the other projects on the list, it is a game at the starting point, but it draws attention in terms of the point it aims to reach.

Blum positions itself as a project with a very different future vision, aiming to be a wallet or even a platform. It aims to continue on its way by evolving the audience and impact it has achieved through the game.


Catizen, one of the games that stands out with its simple structure and different mechanics, actually integrates the TON ecosystem and features into its processes to the fullest, like the other projects on the list, and increases the interaction of the players significantly.

All these games are not just about collecting mass and collecting points. By using the TON ecosystem and task systems, effective work is being done to make many projects, networks and systems available. At this point, Catizen is among the prominent projects.

Yescoin and Tapswap:

These two games, which are most similar to notcoin, which can be considered as the ancestor of the adventure, stand out with their significant number of users. They attract attention due to their simple structure and manage to be the trend of the last period because they allow even low-literate masses to take part in the process.


On Pixelverse, which brings a different breath to the tap-to-earn mechanism due to its competitive structure, users can not only progress by fulfilling tasks just like others, but also by interacting with different players. Pixel, which attracts attention with its competitive structure, is among the trendy projects.

Although thousands of different similar projects continue their activities by reaching different amounts of audiences, the most prominent projects are distinguished by the investors and stock market support behind them. Although it is not clear when the airdrops will take place and how long this adventure will last, millions of people continue to play these games every day in the hope of making a profit.