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What Is a Roadmap? Why Are Roadmaps Important for Projects?

A roadmap is a plan or strategy that specifies the improvements a project or an organization wants to make. A roadmap for a cryptocurrency project is a document that outlines the development plans of a cryptocurrency or blockchain project.

A cryptocurrency project’s roadmap usually includes the objectives, the team behind the project, the technology to be used, the estimated timeline for development and sales processes, future events, and partnerships.

Roadmaps are vital for cryptocurrency projects. Because a roadmap provides transparency in the development process of a project. A roadmap allows investors and community members to see the progress of the project and understand its future plans. Moreover, a clear and well-defined roadmap may help the business development team and other teams of a cryptocurrency project understand the purpose and objectives of the project and how their work fits into the vision of the project.

A roadmap provides transparency, trust and credibility, as well as a plan and foresight for the development of a project.