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What Is Babylons (BABI)?

Project Name: Babylons

Project Ticker: BABI

Project Website: babylons.io

Litepaper: Click here for the litepaper.

Date of Issue: 2021

What Is Babylons (BABI)?

Babylons, a decentralized NFT gaming platform, was launched by Turkish engineers and entrepreneurs in February 2021. According to DappRadar, Babylons has become the most active NFT market in Türkiye, ranking 1st in the BSC network and 5th in other blockchains.

Babylon’s native token BABI is a governance token priced in the free market, and users can participate in sales, and cast votes to have a say on the platform by simply staking BABI.

What Does Babylons (BABI) Offer?

With BABI, you can shape the future of the platform, earn staking rewards, and invest in other projects through the platform. The term “Web3” is often used to refer to everything related to the new and better internet. Babylons also covers many aspects of Web3.

Content creators can tokenize their works on this decentralized platform to track their rarity, originality, and ownership history.

Collectors can exchange valuable digital assets that provide royalty income to their original creator each time they are traded.

Investors can safely take part in INOs/IDOs on Babylons Launchpad where projects are introduced to the community.

Community members can benefit from many Babylons activities by holding and staking BABI, the governance token of the project.

Babylons’ Technology

Babylons is an NFT platform managed by a community and a first-class blockchain game aggregator. Babylons is a state-of-the-art launchpad and ecosystem managed by a unique DAO model that serves more than 200 partners as a trusted provider of Web3 technology solutions.

Babylons’ Digital Asset Economy

A deflationary digital asset, BABI is the Babylons' governance token. Anyone can purchase BABI and vote on platform decisions such as system upgrades.