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What Is CPU Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining uses computer power to decode complex algorithmic (mathematical) encryptions. Users called miners validate blocks of transactions sent to the system using hash rates and process them into the blockchain network. The miners are then rewarded for their contribution to the validation process on the network with the corresponding cryptocurrency.

What Is a CPU?

A CPU is a computer component that works like a brain in a computer, controlling and processing all the data in a system. Miners started using CPUs for mining in 2009, right after the emergence of Bitcoin. Due to the Halving processes, the difficulty levels of mathematical encryptions increased, which led to GPU mining. Miners prefer GPUs because GPUs have higher processing capacities than CPUs.

Mining With a CPU

CPUs that achieve a high hash rate are as follows:

Ekran Alıntısı 2.PNG

Blockchain networks such as Bytecoin, Zcash, and Monero have mining algorithms to support CPU mining. These algorithms have been developed to protect miners who do not have advanced mining equipment and keep them active in the system. CPU miners can also benefit from mining pools.