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What Is Move-To-Earn? Which Move-To-Earn Projects Are Listed on Bitexen?

There are many Move-To-Earn projects that reward users for performing sports activities and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Move-To-Earn projects have an important place in the cryptocurrency industry. In these projects, users complete tasks to earn cryptocurrencies. For example, users can walk, run, or collect rewards in certain locations to earn an amount of cryptocurrency. This is a method projects use to motivate communities to develop and disseminate projects.

Move-To-Earn projects offer diverse ways to encourage users to adopt a healthy lifestyle, do sports, and earn financial gain. These are some of the benefits Move-To-Earn project provide to users:

Earning income: Move-To-Earn projects give users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies by performing certain activities. This can help users, especially in developing countries, to earn extra income.

Financial freedom: Move-To-Earn projects allow users to earn income regardless of financial systems. So, users can have their own financial freedom.

New business models: Thanks to their decentralized nature, Move-To-Earn projects help create new business models so that users can experience different business models and take a different approach than traditional business models.

Advantages of Blockchain Technology: The fact that Move-To-Earn projects are based on Blockchain Technology brings many advantages. Some of these benefits are:

  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Low Cost
  • Fast Transactions

Expansion of Blockchain Technology: Move-To-Earn projects also help expanding the use cases of Blockchain Technology. Thus, people can learn more about Blockchain Technology and explore its application areas.


Which Move-To-Earn Projects Are Listed on Bitexen?

Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

Sweatcoin is a mobile app and marketplace that records your step count. The app converts your step count into Sweatcoin, a digital currency. You can then exchange Sweatcoins for products, services, and rewards. Sweatcoin is designed to encourage users to do more physical activity. The app allows you to earn rewards for your steps. These rewards include sports equipment, healthcare, and many more products are services. The platform is based on Blockchain Technology, which ensures the security of Sweatcoins.


STEPN is an app that users can monitor their physical activity to earn cryptocurrencies. The app tracks users’ daily step counts, running distances, and other physical activity and records them on the blockchain. Users can transfer the cryptocurrency they earn to other users on the Stepn app or use it for in-app purchases. The app was created with a reward system to encourage people to change their sedentary lifestyle for a healthy lifestyle.