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What Is Tatil Token (TATIL)?

Project Name: Tatil Token

Ticker: TATIL

Website: bitexen.com/ieo/TATIL

Twitter: -

Whitepaper: statics.bitexen.com/ieo-whitepapers/TATIL.pdf

Date of Issue: 2022

Maximum Supply: 15.000.000

What Is Tatil Token (TATIL)?

Tatilbudur, the company behind Tatil Token (TATIL), describes itself as:

"We set out on our journey in 1997 in order to bring a new understanding to Turkish tourism, and we have adopted the principle of raising the bar in terms of service, creating a safer tourism sector, and being a company that is open to innovations and makes a difference. At this moment in time, we are proud of being a company that directs the tourism sector, provides employment to hundreds of people and serves millions of people. As one of the well-established and pioneering companies of tourism in Türkiye, The Tatilbudur Group is among the companies that shape Turkish tourism with its brands such as Tatilbudur.com, GTC, Tatilbudur MICE, and TBC. Since the day our company was founded, we have been helping our guests to have wonderful, colorful and unforgettable memories with the help of our structure that does not compromise on service quality and our customer satisfaction-oriented perspective. The group, which offers tour packages covering more than a thousand contracted hotels and holiday villages in the country and about 60 destinations abroad, also offers many services such as domestic cultural tours, special services for companies, flight tickets and car rentals."

What Does Tatil Token Offer?

Tatil Token is a blockchain-based asset that enables its users to benefit from loyalty programs within the Tatilbudur.com ecosystem. Users will be able to benefit from many advantages and have Tatilbudur products early or with advantages with Tatil Token. Tatil Token owners, with Tatil Tokens they have, shall in no way have the management privileges and responsibilities, which are only obtained by being on the board of directors and/or general assemblies of Bitexen's, Exenpay’s and Tatilbudur group companies, subsidiaries or affiliates, the right to vote in general assembly meetings, or the rights or privileges of the board of directors of Bitexen's, Exenpay’s and Tatilbudur group companies, subsidiaries or affiliates. Accordingly, Tatil Token does not give Tatil Token owners any ownership or shareholding rights over these companies, does not give any right to participate in the capital, dividends, income, assets or management of these companies, does not give any right to participate in profits, losses, assets, liabilities and/or revenue shares arising from the liquidation of these companies.

Some of the benefits of Tatil Token are as follows:

  • Access to pre-sales with additional discounts before early booking in hotels, and product-based discounts
  • Service fee discounts on plane tickets and transfers
  • Priority and privileged access to exclusive discounts and participation limits for concerts and special events

Tatil Token is designed as a social token with a low inflation value and a five-year distribution plan. The token economy is planned to end in 2026 in order to maintain the financial stability and value of the token. Burning activities and plans for Tatil Token will be specified in future updates.

Tatil Token will aim to reduce the tokens in circulation and reserves by performing campaign-based and periodic buybacks. It is aimed to decrease 10% of the tokens in circulation at the end of a 5-year period. Buyback and burning activities will be announced and carried out through official channels.

Tatil Token’s Technology

Tatil Token is a utility token created in the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Tatil Token is available on the Tatilbudur mobile app.

Tatil Token & Bitexen Club

Users can use their Tatil Tokens on the Bitexen Club mobile app. The Bitexen Club mobile app allows users to buy and sell fan and social tokens offered by Bitexen and transfer them for free, earn gift tokens by buying and locking tokens, lock the unlocked tokens they have and earn rewards, support their team or social community by burning the unlocked tokens they have. By participating in surveys, contests, auctions, and other events, users have the opportunity to earn rewards, take advantage of discounts, and have unique experiences.